Premium Emerald Suites

Looking for luxury at The Emerald Inn?

We are now offering Emerald Suites! We wish to make your stay at the Emerald Inn extra special.

Our Premium One-Bedroom Emerald Suites or Premium Emerald Studio rooms are spacious and bright with sea views from your private balcony or bedroom.

Nespresso machine, teas, premium linen and furnishings make our Premium Emerald Suites unique. Located on the top floor, overlooking the pool to the ocean, with a lounge, cooking facilities and bathroom. Parking is reserved for you outside your room- Takapuna Beach is a barefoot stroll away!

If you have any specific requests or special occasions to celebrate, such as birthdays, anniversaries or honeymoons, we are here to make them truly extraordinary. Booking via email or phone is essential for add on’s so that we can tailor your experience!

Rooms start at $350 per night.

Contact us to find out more!

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